Friday, May 12, 2006


Thanks Logtar

I AM: Online - at last. After booting hubby off the machine LOL

I WANT: Live in a different country

I WISH: for a new job with a great salary

I HATE: that I don't have a nice job with a great salary

I MISS: My friend Saskia.

I HEAR: the quiet hum of my computer

I WONDER: Why I'm getting overdue bill reminders when I've paid the bill already. Don't you know you're wasting paper!

I REGRET: Not saving some money every month

I AM NOT: at work today. Got a day off Yay!

I DANCE: in the privacy of my own home

I SING: whenever and wherever I feel like it, hang the consequences

I CRY: Just cried at an episode of Charmed. I know, I'm a saddo.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: in the mood...

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: awesome wallpapers

I WRITE: on my blog, my websites and to the person who sent me the 'unpaid' bill, which I've already paid...........

I CONFUSE: too many things to be specific.

I NEED: to start my own business. [I agree with you Logtar]

I SHOULD: get off my arse and do something about it.

I START: things and don't always finish...

I FINISH: things I actually enjoy

I TAG: My friends and things that are cool and make me happy.


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