Monday, March 13, 2006


My horoscope for the week...

For March 13: You’re really feeling the approach of tomorrow’s Full Moon/Eclipse, aren’t you? You might be a bit anxious and jumpy, or have trouble listening or remembering – not to mention that burning urge to rip someone a new one. Even though others do seem more annoying and may actually have earned your wrath, don’t go down that dirt road. You’ll pay a huge price plus interest. Instead, back up and diffuse an explosive situation. Don’t slam doors or issue ultimatums – unless you’re hoping to end a friendship or alliance. Are you?

Love Meter = 7
March 13-19: It’s hard to be two places at once, even when you’re a card-carrying Gemini. This week demands very nimble feet that can dance between two different worlds, satisfying disparate friends, loved ones and colleagues all at the same time. You may not enjoy this process, but you’re uniquely qualified to get the job done – with great style, I might add. Tuesday is exhausting and demanding, but is likely to produce enormous rewards and huge inroads in repairing a troubling situation. You can literally charm the pants and snottiness off of an adversary or obstacle. Love and friendship face more challenges during the weekend – especially if you’re not a mind reader. I mention this because a friend or loved one expects you to read, understand and obey his or her thoughts and expectations. Unfortunately, you’re either too busy or unwilling to do so. A crisis may ensue over the weekend when you refuse to play by another’s rules. Uh oh. This week’s touchstones: Fire Agate, Lapis Lazuli.

Career Meter=7
March 13-19: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are busy days. Requests and last minute changes come from all sides. You’re a magnet for others’ questions, confusion and learned helplessness. It’s almost as if others have no conception that you also have a life, complete with feelings, fears and so on. But I digress. You will get through the first part of the week and reach a number of goals in the process. The real drama, however, may occur from Thursday onward. Another’s wounded pride could spiral downward into something that feels personal – and you may end up being blamed for another’s mistake or misfortune. Protect your reputation. This week’s touchstones: Bloodstone, Green Calcite.

It's so true - I've been right grumpy today, especially with this old git that was just getting on my nerves. He kept complaining about the service he was getting and was complaining for the sake of complaining. I switched off after a while and just allowed whatever he was saying to just glide off my back.



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