Monday, October 24, 2005

My Horoscope for the week...

For October 24: During much of the afternoon, you take issue with the views and behavior of a friend. In your mind, this person either gives up too easily or has done something hurtful. By late evening, it becomes clear in a distressing sort of way that perhaps he or she is simply being true to type. Maybe you hadn’t seen this (or hadn’t wanted to) in the past. But now you know. Truth may not mend wounded feelings, but it can set you free.

Love Meter=7
October 24-30: You take a practical approach to love this week. You figure that the best way to demonstrate your affection and sincerity is to wash the car, paint the bathroom and fix a loved one’s favorite meal. That’s a nice start, but generous servings of escapist romance are also required. Don’t wear yourself out performing practical chores. Save your best energy for the boudoir – which, come to think of it, really could use an upgrade. This week’s touchstones: Rose Quartz, Chrysoprase.

Career Meter = 7
October 24-30: It’s important to promote, advertise and expand, particularly after Tuesday. Give serious thought to altering your PR/advertising strategy. It may be time for a fresh start. Also, make sure that your customer service is above and beyond what others offer. Take a personal interest in your clients’ concerns because hearing a real human voice in infinitely better than an endless loop of fembot recordings. This week’s touchstones: Citrine, Carnelian.


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