Thursday, September 01, 2005


My Horoscope for September.

For September 1: A delightful blast of wishful thinking keeps you floating on a pink cloud this morning. By mid afternoon, reality and complicated timing hit home. Luckily, you regain your balance a couple hours later and achieve a kind of practical bliss. So what if things aren’t Disneyland-perfect? Venus and Jupiter remind you that your state of mind and heart determine the course a relationship may take – and can even steer it toward something divine.

For September 2005: Well the gloves come off and your gutsy determination to reshape your life comes into very sharp focus – so sharp, in fact, that even skeptics are impressed. The old saying, “Never say never” seems to define your month. You defy the odds and hush a Greek chorus of nattering nabobs by taking a bodacious leap of faith – in the right direction, I might add. No matter how committed to the single life you’ve been, that could all change this month. Big doins’ are in store for you, Gem! Remember when you used to say that love just didn’t work for you and relationships were too high maintenance? Well, it just goes to show that eating your own words can be surprisingly delicious. Many of you either move into a new space or welcome a new roommate, lover or spouse. Some of you enjoy the agony and ecstasy of a readymade family, too. It appears that family has never been more meaningful or precious to you than it is right now, so the urge to merge is overwhelmingly strong. Although some of this month’s adjustments may initially feel stressful, they ultimately have a very beneficial effect on your overall health. Aren’t you the lucky one!

Love Meter=8
August 29-September 4: Pluto goes direct on Friday, lifting a relationship fog or malaise that has kept things rather static. Suddenly, everything comes into sharp focus and the balance of power shifts, helping you recognize the undeniable importance of a key person near and dear to you. The weekend is when you begin to lay your cards on the table. Once you own up to your feelings, your partner/friend will as well. Chances are, you both have the same thing in mind. This week’s touchstones: Quartz Crystal, Moonstone.

Career Meter=8

August 29-September 4: Fresh new beginnings are likely as early as the weekend. A new alliance, project or home base for operations may make its debut, thanks to the New Moon, Mercury and Pluto. You have a lot of firepower pushing you to reinvent an endeavor or relationship yet again. You’re becoming the embodiment of evolution. This week’s touchstones: Andalusite, Carnelian.


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