Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Totally stolen from Bluezzzgirl...

According to Sam Gosling, a personality researcher at the University of Texas, Austin and Meredith Wells, a psychologist at East Kentucky University, here is what your office might be saying to your supervisors, bosses, and co-workers:

Plants & Foliage - plants that are well-cared for indicates someone who plans to stay.

Post-it Notes - An over-reliance on Post-It Notes is a sign of overwhelm.

Whose Got the Time? - Those who "get it done" are time conscious and will often have a time piece somewhere to help them keep track of the time. "Clock lovers are often meticulous and hardworking."

Family Photos - The interpretation of this one is divided. Some psychologists say family photos are a status symbol. Others say they are a genuine reminder of loved ones and are displayed due to guilt of so much time away from them. Look at how the photos are displayed. Facing guests? Think status symbols. Facing the office owner? Personal reasons for display.

Candy Bowl - This can be anything that lures others into the workspace. It is an indication of an extrovert. Introverts don't place anything that draws others in their workspace.

Motivation Plaques, Posters, etc. - This person is engaged in their job and wants to stay engaged.

Posters of Celebrities or Historical Figures - Indicates values and aspirations.

Level of Personalization - How much personalizing (i.e., decorating) a worker does to their space indicates the level of security in their environment. They are comfortable enough to make it their own.

Tidiness - Although we try to hide this by shoving items in drawers, psychologists say this is a personality trait that is extremely difficult to change. A neat and organized desk and workspace indicates a neat and organized person. "No matter how hard people try to clean up, usually they can never fully hide their true nature."

The Empty Desk - Barren work spaces indicate a worker who has little status in the organization and who probably isn't dedicated to his/her job. These people simply are not committed.

What does this say about me....?

No plants - I'd only kill them...

Post it notes are on my computer [in Outlook express]. I keep all my useful telephone numbers. People are always asking me for telephone numbers!!

I am a clock watcher. I have to keep an eye on everyone. Make sure they go to lunch [and come back on time]. Make sure they're not spending too much time with customers and most importantly when we close, we close bang on time...LOL

No family photos, but I have pix of me in Paris and me with Keanu on my email. I look at them when I'm feeling a bit down and they always perk me up.

I steal sweets from one of the sweet toothed guys at work. And chocolate too! We're also alwasy swimming in Red Bull [love that drink!]

No motivational plaques, I'm afriad. Don't need that to be motivated.

If I could have a Keanu Reeves desktop wallpaper, I would. It's not allowed... :(

Can't really personalise my small space as it's used by others [when coverage is needed]. It's in the public view anyhow.

I try to keep things tidy, but it doesn't stay tidy for long, especially if someone else is at my workstation!!

My desk is never empty. In fact, I don't have enough room to work with...


At Tuesday, July 05, 2005 9:45:00 PM, Blogger defiant goddess said...

Girl, I temp so I never personalize my space. Here today, gone tomorrow.


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