Wednesday, March 02, 2005


My Horoscope for March/this week.

For March 2: Your unique interpretation of events is highly sought after. Your humor, nuance and perspective set your version apart from others’ opinions. Whether you’re reviewing a performance or simply repeating a conversation, you help others experience it, minus loads of cliches or boredom. Late this evening, a close friend or partner seems insecure or controlling. If there’s a way to calm another’s fears without selling your soul, by all means do it.

For March 2005: A New Moon on the 10th highlights your career and status, and may mark a change in these areas. Once your ruling planet Mercury goes retro on the 19th, you focus intently on goals and upcoming plans. As you look closer, you’re inclined to tweak a number of details and fine points. On the 20th, you feel a powerful wanderlust urging you to move – or at the very least, travel. Staying put is almost painful. Even when your body is still, your mind and heart are aching for something more. This month has enough punch to revamp your perspective and refuel slumbering passion. Additionally, Saturn goes direct on the 21st, helping you recognize the value in a potential purchase, service or enterprise. A good concept has enough octane to evolve into a material success. The 25th and 26th initiate a volatile period that could shake things up in a relationship or arrangement. During this time, others seem unpredictable. Normally, you’re the unique, unknown quantity – but not now. The tables turn and a friend or partner may do an unexpected about face. (This could work to your benefit. Someone you miss, love and adore may return, for example.) Important relationships require gentle, non-restrictive handling during this time.

Love Meter = 8
February 28-March 6: Where there’s a will, there’s a way. You’re able to restore trust, happiness and faith in a wobbly relationship. The key is to be open, reasonable and willing to bend. Don’t assume that you’re always correct. Your view may initially make sense, but another’s far-flung opinion may also be valid. Instead of trying to be right, just be interested.

Career Meter = 8
February 28-March 6: A stellar collection of planets in your career house is a great attention-getter this week. You won’t have to go to great lengths to be noticed or heard. Place yourself in the center of activity whenever possible. Be bold. Introduce yourself to upper level decision-makers. Chutzpah really works to your advantage now.