Monday, November 08, 2004

Here's my Horoscope

For November 8: Although certain pragmatic concerns continue to tug at your sleeve, your heart and soul are eager for beauty, romance and exhilarating freedom. You won’t be able to stomach others’ criticism or narrow-minded carping. Your thinking is far-reaching and idealistic and will not be tamed by others’ fear. Today, you’re a wild, free stallion galloping away from restraint and limitation. Think big and replace remaining doubt with serene confidence. You have everything to hope for, Gem. You’re a master at surviving and thriving. P.S.: Something special is coming your way. . . .

Love Meter = 9
November 8-14: Hurray for Venus and Jupiter! These two luxury-loving sensual planets preach that once is never enough. Romance gets a swift kick upstairs, thanks to an indulgent Jupiterian repast laid out for your pleasure. Don’t limit or censor yourself, Gem. Let yourself go this week. When others INSIST on spoiling you within an inch of your life, just say YES.

Career Meter = 9
November 8-14: You work incredibly hard this week and have amazing determination to defy others’ fears and limitations. You CAN beat others’ standards and prior records. You CAN beat others’ prices. You’re a machine, Gem – and a creative icon. You’re also an unbelievable promoter. You cannot lose.


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