Tuesday, May 18, 2004


From BridgettWalther.com

For May 18: Today’s New Moon whips your imagination and high hopes into a frothy lather. Your mind multi-tasks (as usual) pursuing each possible thought to its logical conclusion. Because the real world is rarely able to keep up with your whirligig mental acrobatics, you may feel edgy and impatient with today’s pace. You see what is possible, but others seem content with the status quo. You’re advised to not come unglued, no matter how sluggish or confused others appear. Today challenges you to carefully control your emotions and impatience in order to effectively nurture nascent ideas and relationships.

Love Meter

Meter Reading : 8
Venus moves retro in your sign on Monday, creating an extra long transit through Gemini. Retrograde periods offer a chance to review, change your mind, or even look up an old paramour that you haven’t quite forgotten. Neptune also heads down retro road on Monday, giving you permission to take a trip down memory lane – not just mentally, either. Consider taking an actual trip to see someone you miss. Nothing is impossible during this extended retro phase. You may find out that a so-called "ex" wants to be back in your life. This may or may not be what you want – but at least you have the option to explore the possibilities.

Career Meter

Meter Reading : 8
Monday starts a trend that strongly suggests you engage in careful research, instead of jumping to conclusions or accepting another’s opinion as gospel. You are the perfect candidate to lead a project to resounding success. You already know this. After Thursday, others will also have to admit that you’re the best one for the job.

I always am...;)


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