Tuesday, May 11, 2004


a month, I'd be: September
a day of the week, I'd be: Saturday
a piece of furniture, I'd be a beanbag
a liquid, I'd be: lemonade
Clothing, I'd be: t-shirt and jeans
a flower/plant, I'd be: a rose
a season I'd be: Summertime
a mythical creature I'd be: a siren
a color, I'd be: black
a sound, I'd be: a whisper
an element, I'd be: the air
a song, I'd be: 'Zion' by Fluke
a movie, I'd be: The Matrix
a food, I'd be: Apple crumble
a material, I'd be: Satin
a taste, I'd be: mint
a scent, I'd be: White musk
a word, I'd be: Bodacious
a body part, I'd be: the tongue
a facial expression, I'd be: a kiss
a shape, I'd be: diamond
a number, I'd be:: 9
a bird, I'd be an eagle
a bug, I'd be: caterpillar
a musical instrument, I'd be: a grand piano
a place, I'd be:: Australia
a band, I'd be: Coldplay

Pinched off Bernie


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