Friday, April 30, 2004


From The Smoking Gun

APRIL 29--Meet Harriette "Dolly" Kelton. The 97-year-old Texas woman--yes, 97--was arrested last week for driving her 1991 Honda Accord with an expired registration. After cops pulled Dolly over, they discovered that she had not paid a ticket previously issued for the same expired registration (and for which a warrant was lodged). Kelton, who was headed to a beauty salon appointment, was cuffed and instead taken to the Highland Park Police Department, where she posed for the below mug shot. After about two hours in custody, Dolly was released on her own recognizance and returned to her Dallas home. The nonagenarian's arrest, of course, has generated significant media interest, and even got Dolly a free trip to New York to schmooze today with Matt and Katie on the Today Show.

Now that's the sort of gran I'd have liked to have had growing up. You go girl!


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