Monday, March 08, 2004


Had the most horrendous day again at work today. I don't know what's happening, but Mondays and Saturdays are getting busier and busier. It's driving me crazy.

I had to cover Reception - my favourite job in the world, not!

I really don't have patience enough for such an arduous task and it began to show towards the latter part of the day. This man just irritated me so much, when he kept asking the same thing over and over. I just glared at him. He got the message and left the branch soon afterwards...;)

Why are people so thick? And why do they have to be told more than once? What? Did you not understand the word NO the first time I told you? Don't make me repeat myself...

It's like, I tell them we can't do this or that for them and they're like 'But...but'...I'm like 'No buts, we can't do it, end of story'.



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