Thursday, March 04, 2004

ME, ME ME...

Found this at R-J's

Sleep with or without clothes on? Well, that depends, if I'm hot or not...;) Mainly without [yes, I'm hot stuff!]
Prefer black or blue pens? Always black baby, always black. Blue pens suck
Dress up on Halloween? I hate Halloween, especially those pesky kids that come knocking on my door. Drives me crazy.
Like to travel? Hell yes! Hoping to get back to LA again this year
Like someone? I likie Mr Reeves muy mucho!
Do they know? I got to kiss him last year so I guess he knows...
Sleep on your side? I guess I do at some stage throughout the night.
Think you're attractive? Yes - I knows it too! [yes, I'm a vain wretch]
Want to marry? I already took that leap some 8 years ago now.
Who? AJ - he's the best!
Alaska or Hawaii? Hello? Hawaii of course!
Are you a good student? Nope, I never used to revise and used to act up in class. It's a miracle I left with 11 'O' Levels and 2 'A' Levels.
Are you currently in a relationship? *see above*
Are you involved in sports? I hate sports. Sports suck
Birthplace I'm a Londoner, born and bred
Christmas or Halloween? Neither - can't stand the 'holidays'
Color or black-and-white photo? Black and white photos are more classy
Do long distance relationships work? They can do, if the two people involved are committed to one another.
Do you believe in astrology? Yes, although Patrick Moore had a point when he said that the stars have already died millions of years ago and we're only seeing their burnout, so that kinda turns things on it's head somewhat...
Do you believe in God? Yes definately. He's a very present entity.
Do you believe in love at first sight? Absolutely!
Do you consider yourself the life of the party? I can be. I'm very extroverted and like to get people going.
Do you drink? Alcohol? Nope. Can't stand it...
Do you have a car? A company car. Dunno what I'm gonna do next year when I have to relinquish it...:(
Do you have a job? Unfornately yes. I have to pay the bills somehow.
Do you make fun of people? All the time. I give as good as I get.
Do you think dreams eventually come true? They can do if you're focussed on your goal
Fave thing to do? I can't tell you that!
Fave breakfast food? Raisin bagel or Kelloggs' 'Just Right' cereal - yum!
Fave candy? Maynard's Wine Gums
Favorite body part of the opposite sex? Eyes. Soulful, gorgeous brown eyes...[what RJ said] but I'm very drawn to his the lips, thighs, nipples, dark brown [almost black] hair and not forgetting, that butt!
Favorite cartoon? Daria - my kind of girl
Go to the movies or rent? The Showcase cinema is my 2nd home...
Have you ever moved? Many times. 3 times since I got married
How's the weather right now? Bloody cold, that's for sure
Hug or kiss? I loves me huggles.
Last person you talked to on the phone? Hubby, said he'd be held up at work :(
Last person you text messaged? Prolly Stef Stef.
Last time you showered? This morning!
McDonalds or Burger King? McD's all the way baby. BK tastes funny.
More romantic: baths or showers? Nothing beats a shared bath. Can lead to all sorts of fun.
Night or day? I like the night. I'm a night person
Number of Pillows? 1 usually, but I sleep better without a pillow
Piano or guitar? Both! For once in my life both. I used to hate guitars when I was younger [because I was a little snobby], but now, I love guitars, whether acoustic or electric. I have an acousitc 6 string and an acoustic bass too.
Single or taken? Didn't I already answer this?
Snow or water? Water. Nice lovely long beach with the surf coming in would suit me down to the ground.
What are you doing tomorrow? I have to go to chenny work..:What do you drink? Fruit Burst Fanta.
What makes you vomit? Bad food? Yucky tablets the doc gives you when you pull muscles in your back that make you puke!
What's on your computer screen? Wallpaper is the one I've just made for the site/blog for those kind folks who helped keep the site going for another year.
What's right next to you? Mess, mess and more mess [what R-J said. I'm sitting in the spare room, which is overrun with Keanustuff next to two filing cabinets and a bed that is chock full of mags and other bits and pieces, relating to 'The One'. Yes, I'm a sad cow aren't I..
What's your bedtime? I very rarely retire before midnight, unless I'm really knackered
What's your best physical feature? That's a hard one. I guess my face, then my boobage
What's your name backwards? refinneJ


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