Thursday, February 19, 2004

So - how was your day...?

Went to work yesterday and hurt my back whilst opening the ATM!

I worked a few hours more until I couldn't take the pain any longer and left to go to the doc.

She said I'd pulled a muscle and that I need to do stretching execerises. How can I do stretching excercises if I'm in PAIN!

She gave me these 'drugs' which I'm telling you, messed with me big time. I started to feel very sottish and out of it I'd called the director of the WSO to tell him I wasn't coming, but his phone was on ansaphone.

So, towards about 5pm, I was feeling the drugs kick in [as in the pain subsided], so I went down to the rehersal, because I had felt bad. There would have been no chance of him finding a replacement 'replacement' at such short notice.

All in all, the session was great! I was on 2nd flute, which suited me fine. It was a little hard getting back into the habit but the girl next to me [who was playing the piccolo] was very helpful [and very sweet]. Her name's Jen too, so that can't be bad...;)

We mainly played Leonard Bernstein's 'On the Waterfront', which I tell you, is not an easy piece to sight read for the first time....ever!

It's basically in 7/4 time [4/4 then 3/4] and changes between lento and vivace [slow and fast to lay people], so I was all over the place until I got used to keeping time. And, it's always difficult to count endless bars at a time, waiting to come in again...

I must say, there's a flute solo in it that's completely exquisite. Pity it wasn't played as well as it could have been. The girl who played 1st flute completely mangled it, much to my dismay.

Oh well, it was only for one night....

I'm on the list if they ever need cover again. I really did enjoy it.


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