Tuesday, February 17, 2004


You are having problems dealing with your split personality. My advice to you is take the praise for all the good you do and blame all your f*ck ups on your evil twin sister that you just discovered on the new friends-reunited site. With your golden tongue and smart charm you will have everyone convinced. Just watch out she does not stab you in the back.
That's exactly what I've been doing this week. I don't know what's wrong with my brain, but it hasn't been working properly the past few days. I've become very forgetful and a bit 'air-headed'. Things told to me have not sunk in.

And I left a customer waiting nearly 20 mins today, because I forgot to buzz someone upstairs to let them know they were here.

Obviously, I easily got out of the situation because I had commented on how cool his trainers were after within the first 5 mins of meeting him, so I was in his good books already...;)

As I've just been saying to my mate Stef - I'm black on the outside, blonde on the inside....

On the praise front, I can't stand it when people take credit [and bribes financial reward] for work they didn't instigate, which I had to point out to my boss yesterday when she handed a fiver to one of the sales reps for work *I* had done...

And I could have really done with that fiver [I don't get paid until Monday].


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