Saturday, January 24, 2004


I went to do cover over at another branch today and the staff there all loved me and want me to stay. The Branch Manager is going to ask if I can transfer over and 'sort 'em out'. It's good to feel wanted and appreciated.

The area is lovely in terms of amenities. Nice shops all around and parking ain't so bad. They have a Marks & Spencer foodhall [that would be my 2nd home, I'm telling you].

Only thing is the travelling. It would take 45 mins in the morning and an hour plus to get back. That's the only bumming thing about it coz I really hate traffic.

The branch itself is nice and the customers are ok. There were one or two who were a bit shirty today, but me being me dealt with them the only way I know how - kill 'em with kindness. They leave singing a different tune after I'm done with them...


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