Tuesday, January 20, 2004


I've been so tired lately, what with going back to work a tad too early, not having fully recovered from the flu [they needed me] and working on my site 'n stuff. Wipes a girl out, I tell ya!

Not much has been happening other than me trying to get through the day without smacking someone in the mouth. Some customers at work are just so flipping RUDE! One guy, who couldn't get what he wanted at closing time barged past the girl on the door and nearly knocked her flying. We got a warning from another branch earlier in the day that someone was on their way down to us in a rage because they asked for their jeans to be delivered to US from the catalogue people and if they're not there, she's going to go ballistic. We're a freaking BANK for crying out loud, not your personal delivery depot. How facety is that? She didn't show up. If she did, I would have been first in line to deal with her.

Another woman went mental because she couldn't take money from her hubby's account. HELLO!!

These are trying times for the weary soul, I'm telling you. It's a wonder I haven't cracked up yet.


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