Tuesday, December 09, 2003


Got out of work at 5.10pm and thought 'Beauty - I'm out early can get home and do my thang'. I got to the car and looked inside and there was something on the seat. I thought to myself 'I didn't put that there' and then I realised there was glass all over the place. Some bugger had broken into my car. So, I spent the next 2 hours having the passenger window replaced [2 hours I'll never get back]. Bloody hell - there wasn't anything inside the car worth knicking. Becky and Dogstar CDs don't go down so well...LOL]

In the meantime, I made two new friends.

My mobile phone wasn't charged so I walked over to the minicab office and asked to use the phone. The guy in there was very accomodating and we got chatting about various life issues - you know. If I could turn back the clock what would I do - sometimes you just gotta take a chance and change your direction - the loss of parents, things like that. His name was Benson and he was from Nigeria. The way he spoke about his home country made me want to visit there. I know it's a corrupt government, but I've never visited the continent of Africa and would like to someday.

The place that fitted the glass was a stones throw away from work so I drove the car there and caught the guy just as he was coming back from one job and on his way to another one. He took pity on me and fixed the glass straight away. Turns out the guy lives about quarter a mile away from me! It IS a small world after all, innit...?

After the fiasco, I didn't feel like going home so I dropped by my sister. She has two beautiful daughters [my gorgeous nieces] and I love hanging out with them because they crack me up no end. Last night was no exception. My younger niece has been nagging me to get her a mobile phone. I resisted because I'm against all these youngsters posing with phones, which can get knicked off them at any given time, but I think I'm starting to turn soft and might get her one.

My older niece did my hair for me [the roots was real baaaaaaaaaad]. She's such a gem!

There was a show on at 9pm about the little boy who had his twin brother growing inside of him for 7 years and was operated on earlier this year. They showed pictures of his distended stomach and his parents were scared to take him to hospital until someone urged them to go.

The mother's pregnancy was what is called a 'fetal in fetal' pregnancy and they proceeded to talk about other cases, one in the US and one here. The boy was from Kazakstan and his mother was ostracised by the community as being 'abnormal'. I mean, it's a one in a billion freak accident of nature. People can be so ignorant and prejudiced.

This Canadian professor of fetal studies visited Kazakstan to examine the 'twin' which obviously did not survive the operation as it wasn't a whole baby [they showed the 'specimen' and it had sort of legs and arms and part of a head with hair on it - pretty bogus, especially if you're eating!]. She reassured the mother that she wasn't abnormal and really put her mind at rest. Fancy carrying that burden for 7 years. The little boy is fully recovered from the op and will grow up normal.

I'm just glad that the odds of that happening are very slight and that most humans are born healthy and whole. It was just an unfortunate occurance.


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