Tuesday, September 09, 2003


Coz it's my Wedding Anniversary today!

8 years of hell bliss! [kidding...]

[And I guess I have to spend some time with the old man today...LOL]

My Two for Tuesday are as follows:

1. Who was your favorite teacher? Why?

Mr Squires! That man ROCKED!! He always had time for us kids and he was like a father to me in some respects. [My dad left home when I was 2 so I didn't have a father figure type to look up to.]

And the man knew his stuff. He was my Business Studies teacher and made us work...LOL I got a good 'O Level' result because of him.

2. Do you have a memorable moment from highschool? What was it? Whether it was scoring the winning touchdown or falling down the bleachers...share with us.

I just used to enjoy the music I made whilst at school. We didn't have a very good music cirriculum [although, we had a wicked steel band, which I was in, of course...] so I attended the Centre for Young Musicians [which ran every Saturday] to study the flute, piano and voice and to do my 'O Level' Music and I attended residential courses during the holidays, which I enjoyed immensely.

I made my way through the ranks from The London School Concert Band to The London School Symphonic Band to The London Schools Symphony Orchestra [the 'LSSO', where I was joint Principal flute and piccolo] to The London Youth Symphonic Band, [which was a totally rad ensemble and we played fantastic 'pops' music.]

And we used to play all the best venues, like The Royal Albert Hall, The Royal Festival Hall, Kenwood Lakeside and The Barbican.

We even toured Spain a couple of times, which was an excellent experience.

Gee, I miss the good 'ol days....


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