Wednesday, September 10, 2003


Fran has a discussion on his blog about our 'work voices' - how we change the way we speak in a different environment.

Hubby goes 'real' Cockney at work. When I phone him, I hardly recognise him and he keeps saying 'mate' all the time. Drives me nuts. He's being 'one of the lads'.

I on the other hand have many different 'work voices', but it depends on who I'm dealing with.

Sometimes, I'm dead posh, if I'm dealing with a hoity toity type and I don't want to come across uneducated...LOL

Sometimes I'm normal and then 'sub-normal' [i.e. I talk real 'street' with colleagues and some customers if I can get away with it].

Sometimes I sound like a 12 year old, if I'm trying to appear humble in order to get someone to do something for me and then, I have my 'don't mess with me I AM THE LAW!' voice, where someone doesn't appear to be understand that no means NO and don't even bother to try to take me on coz you won't win.

There - you know all my secrets now...


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