Tuesday, August 19, 2003


1. I'm looking forward to....

Another excellent adventure, hopefully before the year's out.

2. I'm dreading .....

Dread is something I don't actually associate myself with...

Whilst of the subject of questions, I was interviewed by skits recently. Here's my answers below.

1. When did you start blogging? Who introduced to you to it?

I started blogging on 30th June 2002. I visited krix's website [hadn't been there for ages] and noticed the blog thing and that it was everywhere and I was missing out LOL. My life is totally boring so I decided to blog about Keanu [although I do have this personal blog too].

2. Alternate Universe: There is no Keanu. Who else would you do a fansite for?

I wouldn't bother. If it wasn't for Keanu, I wouldn't be bothered with the internet. It's the only way to fly though when it comes to up to date news on The One...

3. Your perfect day, beginning to end.

My perfect LIFE would be being married to Keanu and being the mother of his children LOL

A perfect day would go kinda like this. I'd be in some exotic location on holiday. Get up a little latter than usual. Take in the sights with My Beloved, have dinner at a nice bistro, maybe take in a show or a flick, go home and...well..ya know...;)

4. 3 songs you can't live without.

1) Daylight [Coldplay]

2) In my Place [Coldplay]

3) The Scientist [Coldplay - See a pattern emerging here...LOL]

Damn - I lied - I also need "Everything's not Lost" [best song ever written]. HECK! I NEED ALL OF COLDPLAY'S SONGS!!

3 songs that should have never been made.

Hard question because there are some MANY crappy songs out there....

1) Agadoo [why?]

2) The Chicken Song [WTF?]

3) The Birdie Song [The less said about that the better...]

5. Which British stereotype would you most like to dispel?

That we're winging Poms [well, not all of us are...]

And that it's raining all the time over here. Clearly it isn't...


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