Thursday, August 07, 2003

I know it's Thursday, but you know me, I'm never on time...LOL

Thanks to Laura for these Two for Tuesday questions. They're good questions...

1. Whose celebrity (famous person or persons) death really affected you?

1) PRINCESS DIANA - that upset me a lot because all I thought about was her boys. They were so young to be bereft of their mother. When I found out it was horrible. I went to the funeral [along with the other 100,000 people]. I was so distressed I got my period straight away.

2) THE QUEEN MOTHER - I had just started my holiday down in Devon when we arrived at the cottage, I found out that she had died and spent the first few days of the holiday glued to the TV watching the coverage. I guess when Princess Margaret died, she couldn't go on any longer. That was another sad day [not as sad as Diana dying, but sad all the same]. But, she had a GREAT innings bless her soul.

Reincarnation - to be? or not to be? Your thoughts on the afterworld....

Don't believe in only have one life.


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