Friday, August 15, 2003


First bike: Never owned a bike until I was 29. I used to rollerskate as a kid.
First best friend: Carmen Jones [yes that's her real name]
First real memory of something: Being left on top of the wardrobe as a small kid as a prank. It's horrible being the youngest...LOL
First car: Ford Escort Mark III [in Titan Blue]. Was cool cat until some git hit me and wrote it off.
First date: T.E [ooooooooooh!] Dated him on and off during secondary school.
First kiss: Hubby - when we were 5 if you can believe it.
First break-up: Hubby [a loooooooong story]
First job: Been working for the same company since I was 18. Just moved around a bit
First screenname: NeophileJ
First funeral: My Dad's. Can't believe it's been 11 years now.
First pet: Phoebe - a cat
First president voted for: We don't have presidents in this country
First piercing/tattoo: Ears when I was 8. Got a 2nd lot when I was 14.
First independent home: When we got married...:)
First love: T.E. Use to make my heart melt when he stepped into the room. Damn he was fine.
First enemy: I'm not down with dat.
First big trip: Barbados [school exchange] when I was 13.
First play/musical/performance: Possibly a greek mythology play at primary school. I had the part of Zeus.
First sport played: Netball all the way babeeeee [Goal Shooter]
First music you remember playing in your house: The piano [when I was 8]
Last library book you checked out: Too old to remember that. Probably Meg and Mog
Last movie seen: Legally Blonde 2 [at the flicks]. Spy Game on the TV [good movie]
Last book read: I don't read much...LOL Harry Potter books
Last cuss word uttered: Probably the F word whilst driving home from work LOL
Last beverage drank: Dunno. Cherryade?
Last food consumed: Dinner - not much [ain't up to cooking...]
Last crush: Keanu Reeves [continuous present]
Last phone call: Spoke to the lady from the BBC
Last TV show watched: It's good to be Michael Jackson
Last time showered: This morning
Last shoes worn: My black wedge heeled sandals
Last CD played: Becky "Untitled"
Last item bought: A sandwich at lunch
Last downloaded: Matrix Revolutions trailer from Code Matrix
Last annoyance: People who turn up to my work at 4.50pm on a Friday, expecting to see 'The Manager'. Yeah right, don't think so....
Last soda drank: Coke [blasphemy!]
Last thing written: My other blog.
Last key used: To open the front door at home...
Last words spoken: Discussing how good Spy Game was
Last sleep: uhh last night?
Last IM: Chatted with the becky fans on Saturday. No one else since coz I'm a busy lady
Last weird encounter: How long is a piece of string?
Last time amused: Spy Game had some laughs in it. It's a thriller though.
Last time wanting to die: I don't wanna die.
Last time in love: Continuous present
Last time hugged: Just now, snuggled up with hubby
Last chair sat in: My computer chair
Last lipstick used: One from the Body Shop that I bought at Heathrow a few months back. Only just started using it.
Last underwear worn: Now we're getting a little personal wid the questions...LOL
Last bra worn: What did I just say?
Last shirt worn: Ok, I'll answer this one. A cream blouse [for work].
Last time dancing: I don't dance, unless there's a groovy track on the radio or MTV.
Last web page visited: x Static_Stars x [where I pinched this from...]


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