Saturday, July 12, 2003


Ok, I'm right here!

Um - what have I been up too lately...? Well...

The job's going good. The staff are a good bunch and the work isn't too taxing on my brain.

It was hubby's birthday yesterday 2 days ago [see, I don't even know what day it is LOL]. I didn't get him anything [I can't tell you why, that's private :p]. He understands...

I've now got 'the world's most powerful vacuum cleaner', which is made by Dyson. It's quite cool really - a purple and lime green colour [Mr Dyson sure like dem funky colours LOL] and it sucks up a storm. So, I guess he ain't lyin'. The website is running a colouring compo. I've been spending ages colouring in my Dyson. It's kinda relaxing. Why don't you have a go.

It seems that eBay is going kinda lame. I'm glad we don't get those ads in the UK.

And this is a bad website, but it's sooooooo funny.


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