Tuesday, July 08, 2003


What a fecking awful day I've had today. Where do I begin to tell you. I think it's some cosmic joke and I'm the butt of it...

1) Stupid fecking bitch parks right in the middle of the road and I can't get past [I've only driven 2 corners away from my house]. She says I can get past, but there's a fecking car parked on the side of the road, which PREVENTS me from getting past and there was a perfectly good gap on her side of the road that she could've gone into in order for me to get past. Man, I wanted to get out of the car and slap her! People like that should be getting the bus, not driving on the road.

2) This incident made me irritable for the rest of the day. Funny how something so small can bug so much. I must be getting my period soon...

3) Every other customer at work was an IGNORANT WRETCH. We have 2 new starters which I have to keep an eye on. They're not the fastest guns in the West so you have to have patience. This one woman was so horrible to one of them, which just made me even madder.

4) One other guy when I told him he couldn't do what he came in to do asked for the manger. " I AM THE MANAGER!" [feck head]. I managed to swing him round to my point of view and he left a happy chap.

5) The Iranian Siamese Twins have died. I was so rooting for them. I'm so bummed out...


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