Friday, July 25, 2003

Ah Lazy dayz...

I've done nowt today. I've had the day off and the weather has been quite miserable [raining constantly], so why bother doing out..?

I was rudely awakend by the postie, bearing gifts from eBay, one of which was mangled and torn, all of which were covered by rain water [grrrrrr]. They're so fecking useless these people. The mangled/torn package was a couple of pictures from the movie Point Break and the seller had written all over the cardboard "Do Not Bend, Handle with care", but I guess there are some bad-minded people in this world...

Handle with care...not!

We did go out to see The Hulk last nite though. What a great movie!! I enjoyed it much better than I thought I would. I found the Hulk monster quite adorable. I felt sorry for him and his predicament. He didn't ask to be born 'deformed'. I was crying during the 'San Francisco' scene [if you watch it, you'll know what I'm talking about...].

And I had to laugh during the desert scene because it reminded me of the time I was in LA on the Universal Studios tour. They have a Visual Effects section and I got to be a foley artist [they do all the background noise in movies] and I was The Hulk's footsteps as he ran away from the Army. And the Hulk flying is quite funny too.

Nick Nolte as David Banner [Bruce's father] is a sight to behold. He gives a fantastic vitriolic speech towards to end of the movie, which is just classic. He nailed that character down. They should give him an Oscar just for that scene.

I love the comic book feel of the movie, it has really great stylisation. And of course I love the obligatory Stan Lee/Lou Ferrigno cameos. Ang - ya did a good job.


Jennifer Connelly is just waaaaaaaay too skinny in this movie. Her legs look awful and I thought her neck was going to snap off. Why can't these actresses just be normal. Why do this obsess about their weight so much?

Gimme Queen Latifah any day [she's more my size...LOL]


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