Monday, February 03, 2003


Skin grafts, multiple nose jobs and facial liposuction are some of the surgeries that three respected plastic surgeons speculate MICHAEL JACKSON may have undergone over the past 20 years. One issue the doctors are all concerned about is the King of Pop's nose. DR. THOMAS LOEB theorizes, "... he lost the skin on top of the nose and he's ulcerated through. They had to do some kind of reconstructive procedure to just cover the cartilage underneath. So this is really a plastic surgery disaster." DR. ROBERT KOTLER points out, "There's a limit to how much surgery you can perform and he may have passed that limit."

I've just finished watching Living With Michael Jackson - A Tonight Special and now I'm even more scared of this man. He is a complete LOON!

Lord ~ somebody take his money away from him, lock him up and throw away the key.


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