Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Just watched Catch Me If You Can last nite. Oh my goodness! Funny as hell. I really like Leonardo DiCaprio. I guess I'm a closet Leo fan coz I have a heck of a lot of his movies in my cupboard.

He's an excellent actor and I like the fact that he could pull off playing a 16 year old fresh faced kid and also a very mature 18 year old [after being shut up in prison]. And just capturing the bare face cheekiness of Frank Abagnale. Brilliant!

This is my favourite bit of the movie...

When he recruits those girls from the college and gets pass the security at the airport. That was classic.

And didn't he look nice in the James Bond suit.

My favourite line is when he's in court and the judge explains to him that there's no defendant and no jury [who he's pontificating to], just him and he says "Son........what the HELL is wrong with you?"


It's a great movie!


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