Thursday, January 30, 2003


Went to work this morning. It was a bit nippy to say the least. When I left at 4pm and I was in the middle of a snow blizzard! As I walked toward my car it was like I was walking on cotton wool, the ground was so white and soft [I love the feeling fresh snow underfoot]. My car was covered in a thick blanket of snow as was everywhere about ~ it was lovely. I wanted to caputure the moment on my digital camera, but when I got it out, the battery was dead. I thought to myself 'Oh well, it'll be the same where I live, so I'll wait til I get home to take the picture, no worries..'.

I got home and there was no snow to be seen, it was just wet everywhere. The snow hadn't settled. I was so gutted.

Isn't it wild how the weather can change over such a short distance. I was only about 10 mins away from home, yet no snow anywhere..:(

Mind you it took me 40 mins to get home as you had to be careful driving about. I saw a nice Merc left for the dead on the side of the road, having smashed into the back of another car [such a shame...LOL].


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