Friday, January 17, 2003

I cannot abide bad customer service....

I ran to Rymans as I needed to get something. I got to the door at 5.25pm. It was locked. The shop is meant to close at 5.30. I called the manager over and pointed this out to him. He said he's already cashed his till up so couldn't serve me. I knew exactly what I wanted. I wasn't a browser, but he wouldn't let me in. He just walked away from me.

I called him over again and asked for his Head Office telephone number in order to make a complaint and he wouldn't come. Then I shouted through the slit in the door and he eventually came back over and gave me a slip of paper with the number on.

Damn - If I had done that in my job [I work for a bank], I'd have been slaughtered by my HO.

How do people get away with this? Definately a person who wants slapping.



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