Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Hubby says I was giggling in my sleep last nite. What I was giggling about is beyond me. I must've been having a good dream. [It's a shame I don't remember them...]

Then he tells me it's not the first time I've acted strange in my sleep. Last week I was talking out loud and said his name, but he didn't stay awake long enough to find out what I wanted. [Thanx goodness I didn't say someone else's name ~ know what I mean...LOL].

I do remember another incident. We'd only been married 6 months and had moved to a new flat coz the flat we were living in before had mice and I just couldn't wait to get out of the place [It's was an old victorian house we were living in and the guy downstairs was a bit, ya know...unclean].

The mice thing was still playing on my mind and I distinctly remember talking to my hubby and asking him to make sure the cupboards were clean and that everything was sealed so that the mice didn't get in. I remember getting really frustrated and yelled at him because he wasn't understanding my instructions.

No wonder he couldn't understand me, I was asleep at the time...


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