Saturday, January 25, 2003


I've just come back from seeing CHICAGO.
I must say that this movie musicial ROCKS!!
Oh my Ms Zellweger, you were divine. Go get your Oscar babeeeeeeee!
Ms Zeta-Jones ~ I didn't know you could do the splits. I love your sultry voice.
The biggest surprise of all was Mr Gere! Tap dancing all the way to a Golden Globe. An excellent performance.
It was nice to see Queen Latifa [and my, aren't you a big lass LOL], Taye Diggs [as gorgeous as ever], John C Reilly [as downtrodden Andy Amos], Mya [doing her thang] and Lucy Liu [one of my favourite actresses] amongst a stellar cast.
Mr Rob Marshall you have done an outstanding job with this movie musicial. I'm seeing it again on Monday, buying the soundtrack and the sheetmusic.
Just call me Roxie!
Only misgiving is ~ is this meant to be the official site? If so, it stinks...


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