Tuesday, September 10, 2002


Been playing movie catch up since I've been off ill. I watched 15 Minutes yesterday. It was really good until towards the end, where it just go plain ridiculous. It turned into a comedy show...

Fancy dying then pretending to film your dying moments and then actually dying afterwards. Too ridiculous.

I liked the DVD extras. They sure packed a lot in. I especially liked seeing the likes of Jerry Springer, Sally Jesse Raphael and Maury Povitch justifying the antics of 'tabloid news' programmes.

We just don't have that over here. Maybe we're just not sophisticated enough.

Another film I watched was Almost Famous. Now that was a great movie and I didn't realise it was based on Cameron Crowe's life experiences as a young writer for Rolling Stone. Boy, he's fitted in a lot in his young life. Kudos dude...:D

Great performances by all involved. I especially loved Franc[strike]i[/strike]es McDormand as the overbearing mother.

Billy Crudup is a babe. He looks just like Johnny Depp. They were separated at birth...LOL

Great stuff!


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