Tuesday, September 17, 2002

1. Portland, Maine or Portland, Oregon? [Portland Oregon coz they've filmed some real cool movies there]
2. New York or New Jersey?[New York, New York, it's a wonderful town]
3. Van Gogh or Van Halen? [Van Halen dude! *air guitar*]
4. Bill Clinton or Bill Gates? [I dont' like either of em *blech*]
5. Leonardo daVinci or Leonardo DiCaprio? [I think I'll go for Da Vinci ~ he had better talent]
6. "American Pie" or "American Idol"? [Haven't seen Americal Idol, so it's American Pie for me!]
7. George W. Bush or Curious George? [Yes, Mr President ~ dunno the other guy...]
8. Billy Joel or Billy Idol? [Billy Idol "SPEED, gimme what I need" and "White Wedding" ROCK"]
9. Donny Osmond or Donald Duck? [I always loved Donald Ducks voice. Didn't the guy who did the voiceover die recently...:(]
10. Dr. Seuss or Dr. Kevorkian? [Dr Seuss of course!]

Thanks to The Passionate Ailurophile for the quiz...


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