Monday, July 15, 2002

I've always wanted to know what my name would be as an anagram...

Join safe northern jet.
Jest jar on inherent of.
Join farther jest none.
Fine jet or north jeans.
Inherent jets jar on of.
Jet joins farther none.
Jar shorten on fine jet.
None jets farther join.
Join on than refer jest.
Join not fresh near jet.
Join refers than on jet.
Joins refer than on jet.
Joint free north jeans.
Joint fresh earn on jet.
Joint fresh near on jet.
Join there front jeans.
Jest on jar or fine then.
Jar on jester if on then.
Inherent jet jars on of.
Join jester 'n' on father.
The fine jar nor on jest.
Not jest on her fine jar.
Join jester or then fan.
Join not earn fresh jet.
Join jester nor the fan.
Jet on fens join rather.
On jar on the finer jest.
Infer on jest on the jar.
Jar jest on the inner of.
Then jar on jester in of.
Jet jeans of or thinner.
Joint jester on her fan.
He join transfer on jet.
Jest jar on fine throne.
I northern jet jeans of.
Join then jester on far.
Join refer jet on hasn't.
Jet jeans or fine thorn.
Joint front jeans here.
Join front jeans three.
Jest inherent raj on of.
No! jest jar inherent of.
Nether joins jar often.
Join enter jeans forth.
Join throne jester fan.
Front jet jeans heroin.
Joins jar then free not.
Join frees then jar not.
Join jets than on refer.
Join fans or nether jet.
Join afresh rent on jet.
Fine jets jar on throne.
Jar free joins on tenth.
Joint jar frees on then.
Join tenth jar on frees.


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